Remove FLEXIM strips from their packing Apply FLEXIM to a dry and dust-free substrate, using the gloves provided Place the tile on the FLEXIM Press the tile down firmly Remove surplus FLEXIM Smooth the surface.
When carrying out renovation work, first remove any loose pieces of cement mortar.
Ensure a dry, dust- and grease-free substrate.
Do not use during persistent rain.
The adhesion surface must be at least 2 inch/5 cm.
It is advisable to use additional fastenings for fastening hip tiles and side wall tiles.
When using additional fastening, ensure adequate space for movement of the roof. Do not rigidly fasten the ridge on the ridge beam.
Finish off the surface smoothly.
Cut off any surplus material, measured from the roof surface at an angle of 90°.
Immediately after use, clean the hands, tools and any contamination on the tiles with a dry cloth.
Ventilation can be achieved by using ventilation tiles.