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The company

In the professional world of building construction FLEXIM roof mortar has been in use for many years; since 1985 the quality product for the maintenance, renovation, repair and construction of new buildings! It is unusually durable and was developed on ecological considerations on the basis of the old-fashioned “green” linseed oil as its principal ingredient. In 2007 FLEXIM reached a milestone of 4 million FLEXIM-treated roofs.

FLEXIM International BV is established in Heerhugowaard, where all incoming orders are produced with the greatest possible care, packed and made ready for dispatch to consumers at home and abroad.

FLEXIM roof mortar is perfect for use in any climate and is the reason why since 1987 FLEXIM International BV has successfully exported its unique roof mortar to countries with subtropical climates, as well as to countries of the northern hemisphere. FLEXIM is now being actively exported to 15 countries worldwide.

In 1998, FLEXIM International B.V. received it first international certification from the Miami Dade institute in Florida, USA, certifying that the product passed brilliantly different adhesion and tensile tests. Next, in 2010 the British Board of Agrément granted its European BBA certificate for applications of FLEXIM roof mortar.

From the date of its establishment in 1985 FLEXIM International BV has dealt with 33.000 roofs on behalf of different customers in The Netherlands alone. In this way FLEXIM International BV has gained a wealth of practical knowledge and experience relating to the high quality of FLEXIM roof mortar. Using that knowledge and experience FLEXIM can be of optimum service to its national and international customers on the applications of FLEXIM roof mortar.

FLEXIM International BV attaches great importance to the quality of the product. To ensure that its quality meets requirements, the strips are vacuum-tested, also carrying out calibrated weight determinations. In addition, batch numbers are placed on all products to ensure traceability